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CNC Machine Solutions

cnc machineCNC MachiningLander INC is not your typical Machine Shop. We specialize in bringing ideas from paper to reality. Our clients come from various industries and bring to us ideas that vary in design complexity. Some clients come to us with a simple idea scribbled out on scratch paper. The other end of the spectrum has a client bringing over to us fully engineered drawings ready for our team to get started on.

cnc machined partFor more than a century Lander INC has devoted all its efforts toward building an organization with an unparalleled reputation in all phases of contract machine work. As a result of these efforts, production by Lander INC has come to mean accurate, precision machining at reasonable prices… and respect for you, the customer.

Quality is the responsibility of every employee at Lander INC. Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction through on-time delivery of a product that conforms to all customer requirements. By continually improving our products, processes, services and systems, we will develop long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers.