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hydrodippingHydro Graphics is a process of applying a new finish to an existing part or product, using a hydro tank to place a graphic film over your piece. There are currently hundreds of different patterns to choose from including: camouflage, wood, carbon fiber, metal, stone, or designer patterns; as well as any color combination possible.

The Process

The process starts with preparing your piece for the refinishing. Next, a polyvinyl film containing the pattern is floated on top of a vat of water. The water acts as the medium to transfer your print into the form of your part or product. Upon placement of the film in the water, an activator is then applied to release the print overlay from the polyvinyl backing. We then “dip” your part into the print, transferring the pattern to your piece. Final stages include an automotive clear coat finish, depending on the design and required durability of the final product.

The Durability & Strength Of Our Hydro-Dipped Productsgoalie helmet

Our Hydro Graphics Dipping process is extremely durable. We use the highest grade materials available in the industry – all of your items are primed and painted to receive a perfect finish. We also include a high-gloss clear coat finish, as well as a semi-gloss and matte finishes. Our team of skilled professionals can help you determine which processes are best suited for your particular project.

Professional Equipment, Professional Work

We have state of the art, custom-made tanks for the process. We use the highest quality products to get your project done right and on time. And we stand behind all of our work with a 100% guarantee.

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