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Powder Coating Services

colorsLander INC is a diversified company that has been in business for over a dozen years. We are a manufacturer that had started powder coating for our customer’s parts and later branched out to the public.

We are very different from other powder coaters.  We are the last link in the supply chain of finished products, and the only one capable of getting it done right yesterday!  You can bring us any of your products:

* Truck or car rims                 * Snow mobile parts                  *  Commercial parts
* High end engine                  * Harley parts

and we can powder coat each a different color at the same time in our batch oven.  No need to wait until we are running the color you need.  Found your favorite household product but it is in brass and you need it in white to match your new kitchen?  Bring it to us, we will fix it for you.

Are you looking for a special color?

*  Candy Apple Red           *  Chevy Orange                 *John Deere Green                *Metallic Gold Vein
*  Kawasaki Green              *Shiny Chrome                  *Harley Black Pearl                *High Temp Black

No problem, we probably have it in stock! Two tone fades are not a problem we can even put flames on your favorite part.  And do you know any other shop that Air Brushes Powder Coat?  Then you have not met us at Lander Inc. yet.

*Sandblasting                                    *Chemical Stripping

And while we are really a one stop shop that will sandblast your parts when necessary for you, we also offer chemical stripping of parts. What does this mean for you?  First, less work for you.  You do not need to try to strip your parts yourself to save money and we don’t have to take the time to sandblast them if it is not needed.  However, we can still Sandblast your parts in house if needed without you having to go somewhere else,  this also saves you time and money.