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What is Powder Coating?



The powder coating process uses very fine dry particles of resin with the pigment color of your choice. The resin powder is applied with a spray gun similar in concept to applying solvent based paint.

SprayThe difference is that this spray gun and its resin contents have an electrostatic charge, When the resin powder is sprayed onto a part it sticks to the metal because it’s grounded, attracting charged resin powder like a magnet.

The charged powder adheres to the metal then is melted by baking at 400F degrees in special industrial sized ovens.

OvenThe melted resin fuses to the metal, providing a uniform, thick and durable finish. The result is a beautiful  finish that is very resistant to chemicals, wear and chipping, 3 times stronger than solvent based paints. Powder coating simply provides a quality finish that can be seen and felt for years.

Parts2Powder coat is physically harder than wet paint.  This mechanical property translates into significantly greater scratch and chip resistance, and thus better durability.

Powder coat films adhere to parts better than spray paint.  This is due to the function of a sophisticated pretreatment processing that some parts require prior to coating. The excellent adhesion contributes to improved chip resistant as well as corrosion resistant.

Properly cured powder coat can withstand bending without cracking or flaking.  If you’ve ever had a problem with something with an item that was powder coated – the number one reason was probably because it was not cured properly.